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Standard Operating Procedure of Industrial Engineering Department

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IE Standard Operating Procedure  

Style inquiry and development,

1.    Submit Estimated SMV, Outputs and efficiency levels for pre-costing, pre-planning.
2.    Style feasibility.
3.    Attend for the product development meeting and provide proactive input.
4.    Attend to do the mock ups for approvals on required construction changes.
5.    Calculate and submit thread consumption to the merchandising department.
6.    Submit Estimated SMV, Outputs and efficiency levels for Production planning              
7.    Provide proactive input for efficient production scheduling.
8.    Check and approve production schedules for best options.


9.    Testing and preparation for the confirmed orders.
10. Revive the samples to submit and comments after receive from the sample department.
11. Prepare Operation bulleting and SMV.
12. Issue and discuss operation bulleting with Production and technical staff on processes and process sequence before doing line sample.
13. Attend for line sample with the production and quality staff.
14. Get the confirmation on operation bulleting by the production staff before preparing line layout.
15. Prepare line layouts and discuss and confirm with production and technical staff.
16. Prepare manpower allocation for layouts in advanced to the line feeding.
17. Prepare skill inventory and skill requirement for each style.
18. Prepare and attend on skill development for style based critical operations (Training in advanced).
19. Maintain worker skill inventory
20. Prepare and attend on general skill development plan,
21. Prepare fresher training manual.
22. Supervise fresher training and training center activities.
23. Prepare machine, attachment and manpower requirements based on latest production schedules- only style wise.
24. Make and follow line feeding plan.
25. Follow up and make sure to available required machines, attachments and manpower on time as style feeding plan.

Line feeding/New style introduction

26. Attend in new style introduction
27. Instruct and train workers on correct methods as motion sequins include in desired SMV.
28. Arrange for best work place arrangements as method desired on SMV with maintaining a style check list.
29. Explain the SMV, Targets and plan efficiency levels to each and every worker.
30. Play an active role on reducing line feeding losses.
31. Maintained line feeding report
32. Attend for style first bundle meeting.

Running Production and day to day works

33. Capacity study of all layout/Operations at two to three days after feeding
34. SMV revision and confirmation with comparing the capacity after complete the capacity study.
35. Make potential plans after capacity study.
36. 1st line layout re-balancing based on actual capacities and as per potential plan.
37. Attend in daily line pocket meeting
38. Attend on daily line balancing
39. Find the bottle necks, technical and quality issues and attend to solve with addressing to the responsible persons
40. Interval capacity study and line layout re-balancing once a every two weeks time in first month and once a month after first month.
41. Plan and attend in Continuous Training for workers.
42. Attend in Continuous method improvements and SMV reductions.
43. Organize and conduct daily efficiency meeting with production staff.
44. Monitor and record individual and line off standard times and take necessary actions to reduce the lost times.
45. Achieve planed production targets and line efficiencies.

Post Production    

46. Style reconciliation of - technical (SMV, Efficiency, Production output, Thread consumption, Production plan, Bottlenecks).
47. Monitor the style reconciliation of received to ship.
48. Monitor the post costing


49. Performance evaluation of workers and factory staff. Do the grading.
50. Introducing and monitoring incentive schemes/Motivation tools.
51. Management update on latest management concepts, Technology, systems and procedures, methods, tools and attachments.
52. Maintain and achieve the targets of key productivity indicators and do the comparison with other industries for management information.
53. Maintain all filing and document systems
54. Special tasks/Projects assign by management
55. Attend for management meeting and give proactive inputs
56. Self-training and maintain records of achievements (individual & department)


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