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Job Responsibilities of Industrial Engineer

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industrial engineer job description

Day today Basic Jobs

a.    Floor IE meeting.
b.    Line Balancing 7.30am to 9.00am.
c.    Production Board update (Line wise & Main board).
d.   Yesterday Achievement need to inform each line Supervisor & Executive.
e.    Today plan need to inform each line supervisor & Executive.
f.     Today Plan to IE.
g.    Operators regular Interview 9.00am to 11.00am.
h.    Bottle neck solving Using production study document.
i.     Capacity studies.
j.     Line Follow up.
k.    Next day plan to IE (1st Plan before 9.30am, Last update before 10.30am).
l.     Lost Analysis.

Other Special Jobs.

a.    Operators skill matrix.
b.    Monthly & weekly machines requirement.
c.    Department 5S.
d.   Activity sampling.
e.    Operators skill training.
f.     IE Training.

Line Feeding

a.    New style line feeding plan.
b.    Running style Ending plan.
c.    New style Zero hours.
d.   As per layout discussion follow up the new style layout.
e.    Re correct the operation balancing if require.
f.     If any new adjustment needs to note down in layout discussion document.
g.    Calculate the line feeding lost.
h.    After feeding meeting with supervisor & technician regarding New style.

Main 6 Things to focus in Every new style

a.    SMV correct or not.
b.    Operations missing or not/ Additional process have or not.
c.    As per requirement manpower allocate or not.
d.   Correct operators in correct place or not.
e.    Operator method correct or not.
f.     Additional Process doing or not (Non-Productive).

New styles Pre-production job duties

a.    Before one week finalize the Operation, breakdown using final PP Sample.
b.    Production team confirmation to OB by signing.
c.    Machine requirement to maintenance.
d.   Layout discussion & Confirmation from technician.
e.    If any process missing need to add discussing with Central IE.
f.     If any additional process needs to remove discussing with Central IE.
g.    New styles check list.

Name of documents need to keep

a.    Daily performances report with Lost Analysis.
b.    Monthly KPI.
c.    Production schedule.
d.   Running Styles (layouts) updated capacity document.
e.    Running styles layouts.
f.     All Procedures (Target setting, Recruitment, Up grading, Etc.).
g.    Today & Next day plan.
h.    Diary for daily records.
i.     Running month all styles FOB document.

After Line Feeding

a.    3rd day line capacity.
b.    Capacity need to prove minimum 80%.
c.    Balance the line as per actual capacity.
d.   Adjust the SMV if require.
e.    Capacity study document to Supervisor & manager.
f.     If any process low capacity needs to attach issue list with details.
g.    Each operator target needs to inform & note down on machine.
h.    Each style capacity needs to update (Every one week).
i.     Follow up using production study.

Central Jobs

a.    Costing.
b.    Thread consumption.
c.    Daily performances report with lost Analysis.
d.   Today & Next day plan.
e.    Monthly KPI.
f.     SMV & thread data base.
g.    Monthly machine requirement.
h.    Operation breakdown.


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