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1.    What is QMS?

     Answer:  A quality management system is the framework of policies, strategies, processes, routines, and responsibilities that organization uses to achieve their goals and fulfill customer requirements.

2.    What is the goal of QMS?

Answer: The goal of QMS is improving effectiveness and customer’s satisfaction in the companies. Aims to build long term co-operation and creating a sustainable system.

3.    What is the importance of QMS in garments industries?


4.    What is the meaning of DHU?

Answer: DHU means defect per hundred unit.

5.    What is the formula of DHU?

Answer: The formula of DHU is                        Total defect qty 
--------------------------------------------- * 100
    Total check qty

6.    What is the complement part of QMS?

Answer: RQS (Requirement for Quality System) is the complement part of QMS.

7.    What is the limitation of QMS implementation?

Answer: The limitation of QMS implementations are:-

  • Size & organizational structure
  • Geographical area
  • Production type
  • Process types.

8.    What are the benefits of QMS implementation?

Answer:  The benefits of QMS implementations are:-
  • Business benefits
  • Controlled quality performances
  • Contributions from all employees
  • Secured responsibility for the future
  • Transparency

9.    What do you mean by continual improvement of QMS?

Answer: Continual improvement of QMS means secured the achieved improvement of a performance before proceeding further.

10. What are the basic 5 elements of QMS?

Answer: The basic 5 elements of QMS are:-
  • Policy
  • Organization
  • Processes & Routines
  • Communication & implementation
  • Feedback & improvement action

11. Describe the foundation of QMS?

Answer: quality management system is based on the PDCA tools
  • P- Plan 
  • D – Do
  • C – Check
  • A – Act

Is a commonly used base of a repetitive four step problem solving process typical for process improvement?

12. Which department goal to be connected with the policy?

Answer: Production goal is to be connected with the policy.

13. Which parameter to be consider before goal setup?

Answer: Parameter of percentage must be considered before goal setup.

14. How do QMS help to quality?

Answer:  QMS shows the strategy and long term goal of the companies quality work.

15. How do latest SRM report maintained in QMS audit file?


16. What is the purpose of QMS?

Answer: The purpose of QMS is improving effectiveness and customer’s satisfaction in the companies, work on the constant improvement of our processes and system. Employees involved and works for quality improvements. Work in a systematic way to evaluate and improve our external parties. Use customer’s feedback to improve.

17. How many goals in your organization?

Answer: There are 10 measurable goals in our company.

18. How can we achieve department wise goal by QMS?

Answer: QMS successfully leads an organization in a structured and systematic way and constantly improve the process in order to increase customers’ satisfaction and reach the department wise goals of an organization.

19. How do you create corrective/preventive action base on goal follow-up data analysis?


20. How do you keep training record?

Answer:  Documents maintained.

21. What do you know about skill development training schedule for workers?

Answer:  Documents maintained.

22. What do you know about skill development training schedule for staff & management?


23. What is the feedback system for employees?

Answer: Feedback system defines the activities – ‘’check- record- analyses” data of system to determine the necessary corrective action for continual improvements.

24. What is your company’s supplier code?

Answer: Our company supplier code is ‘’8839”.

25. Is there any quality manual?

Answer: Yes we have a self-contained and update quality manual.

26. What is external part?


27. What is organogram?

Answer: An organogram chart or organogram is a diagram that shows how an organization is structured and how the position in the organization are related to each other.

28. What is flow chart?

Answer: A flow chart is a formalized graphic representation of a logic sequence, work or manufacturing process, organization chart or similar formalized structure.

29. What is job description for all designation?


30. What is back-up plan?


31. What is the benefit of back-up plan?


32. What is feedback?

Answer: Feedback system define the activities- check, record, analyze, data of a system to determine the necessary corrective action for continual improvements.

33. Why we will do feedback?

Answer: When using facts to identify areas of improvement, we knows exactly where action is needed.

34. What is defects?

Answer: A fault or problem in something that spoil that thing not to work correctly.
Manufacturing: Nonconformance of a product with the specified requirements or non-fulfillment of user expectation including the safety aspects.

35. Why do root cause analysis?


36. What is quality policy?

Answer: The policy is a statement of will and commitment set by the top management. It shows the target which is aimed to be achieved and the purpose behind it.

37. Do the workers & staff know about their company quality policy?

Answer: Yes they do.

38. What is the process & routine?

Answer: Process & routines is a specific way of performing an activity which describes the who, what, when, how and why of any operation. A relevant document ensures consistency, compliance and uniformity of a performance.

39. What do you mean by organization?

Answer: Organization refers to people working together in a structure of relationship, power, objectives, role etc to achieve a common purpose.

40. What is the customer satisfaction?

Answer: Customer satisfaction is satisfying the customer or buyer by producing good quality garments and fulfill their requirements.

41. What do you mean by plan?

Answer: plan is a detail proposal for doing or achieving something. An intention or decision about what one is going to do.

42. Which elements to be consider in planning?


43. How to keep goal follow-up data?

Answer: Document maintained.

44. How to analysis the goal follow-up data?

Answer: Document maintained.

45. What are the key success factors of implementation of QMS?

Answer: The key success factor of implementation of QMS are
  • Committed top management.
  • User friendly and simple system.
  • Organization with clear responsibilities and secure competence.
  • Documentation.

46. What is the benefit of new idea collection?

Answer: New ideas helps to develop & improve the organization. Factory top management gates the best ideas from the employees easily & early by idea box. That how they can implement those ideas in factory for development.

47. How do you maintain dept. & process wise reject/fail data?

Answer: Documents maintained.

48. How do you analysis reject/fail data?


49. What is RCA-CAP?

Answer: RCA- A class of problem- solving methods aimed at identifying the root cause of problems or incidents.

CAP- An action to eliminate the cause of an existing problem to avoid it from happening again.

50. How do you create RCA-CAP?

Answer:  Documents maintained.


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