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The system is in place for Anti - corruption/ Anti-bribery for all business activities are as follows:

1. We are always very careful for Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery for all business activities in our company.

2. We guard against unauthorized shipment or shipment of illicit or smuggling, illegal transshipment, alteration, tempering or replacement of goods product at our woven manufacturing company limited.

3. Our factory complies with domestic laws and regulations.

4. We co-operate local, national and foreign customs and drug enforcement agencies to guard against illegal shipment of drugs.

5. We notify nearby polices station and customs authority when illegal drugs are discovered or suspected of RGM shipment.

6. We are always keeping watch against any illegal or any equipment which may be use for anti-state or against the state.

7. We are also against anti-bribery for that we do not give any kind of bribe to any agencies of the state.

8. We have also team for recruitment that nobody takes any amount (bribe) from any employee.

Fort the above mentioned noted Executive Director, Admin, HR & Compliance of SB Group of industries. Is overall responsible for ensuring for anti- corruption and anti- bribery and shipping goods from any type of alteration or illegal shipment of drugs or unauthorized items   
The following members assist him in executing and smooth functioning of above policy issued:

  1. Executive Director, Production.
  2. Factory Manager, Production
  3. Sr. General Manage (Commercial)
  4. Sr. Manager ( Admin, HR & Compliance)
  5. Manage (Admin HR& Compliance)
  6. Manage (Production)
  7. Caretaker
  8. Security- In-charge

Prepared by
DGM -HR & Compliance

Approved by
Executive Director-HR

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